Saipan Agroforestry Workshop

Agroforestry systems have been cultivated throughout the Pacific Islands for extremely long periods of time. There is now growing interest in modern agroforestry systems as a response to climate change and for other benefits such as food security, farm diversification, increased early income, risk management, and soil and water conservation. Workshop participants will learn the latest strategies for reaching their goals in agroforestry. Hands-on activities during the workshop will give participants experience in the planning process from open land to managing an agroforest.

Participants will:

  • Gain experience planning an agroforest from scratch
  • Learn how to customize an agroforest to the site and production/conservation goals
  • Discover fundamental design principles
  • Develop a project budget and management plan
  • Learn about resources and tools for successful outcomes
  • Receive an agroforestry planning workbook

The workshop will be presented by a team of experienced Hawaii-based agroforestry professionals including Craig Elevitch and Neil Logan with cultural practitioner Aunty Shirley Kauhaihao. Presenters will share their unique set of skills and knowledge in tropical agroforestry, ethnobotany, systems engineering, organic agriculture, and economic analysis acquired over decades of study and field experience.