Family, Community, and Youth Development (FCYD)

The Family, Community and Youth Development (FCYD) program aims to build the capacity of the local youth, families, and community by establishing a network among governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide a positive environment that promotes volunteerism and teamwork while encouraging the youth, families and community to actively engage in shaping the future of the CNMI. The program provides community-specific and culturally-focused experiential learning opportunities that encourage personal development and build capacity amongst participants in order to foster a desire to learn, appreciate life, lead and meet their full potential. 










The 4-H Youth Development program is the youth outreach program from the Land Grant Universities, Cooperative Extension Services, and the United States Department of Agriculture. The 4-H Name & Emblem is intended to represent the ideals of the program with its focus on Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

  • Head – to clearer thinking: discover new interests; develop leadership skills; keep an open-mind by being more accepting of others; and increased sense of responsibility
  • Heart – to greater loyalty: increased positive self-concept; experience positive role models; personality and character growth; make new friends; and develop an appreciation for the community
  • Hands – to larger service: be more active within the community; develop the characteristics of selflessness; and learn new skills
  • Health – to better living: choose healthier food options; learn the importance of physical activity; and have fun

Camp Magalahi

Camp Magalahi is a summer program that provides youth with intentional learning opportunities to foster positive relationships, take positive risks to enhance personal growth and realize their potential to contribute toward making a positive change within their community.

The Camp Magalahi team is made up of a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers who want to ensure a safe, fun, and educational experience for all participants. They include 4-H Advisors [4-H Extension Agents / Aides; 4-H Core Counselors (officers); 4-H adult volunteers (21 & up); 4-H counselors (ages 16-21); and 4-H Counselors-in-Training (ages 12-15).

4-H Riptide

4-H Riptide is an afterschool program that aims to provide adequate cultural and environmental knowledge to our youth in hopes of preserving our islands and our indigenous cultures. The program moves from one village to the next in order to provide all youth with an opportunity to attend Riptide. 



Volunteer / Partner Spotlight of the Month


Upcoming Events


  • Riptide (Postponed)
  • Camp Maga’lahi (July 8-19, 2019)
  • 500 Sails Gamsun Project (February)


  • Nature Hike with Mom
  • 4-H Outdoor Adventures Program Nature Hike at ____________
  • Tinian Elementary School 4-H Club meeting | August 20, 2018


  • No Upcoming Events




Partners Links

Partners & Local Advisory Council Members


  • Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ)
  • TASI Watch
  • Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance (MINA)
  • Youth Affairs Office
  • Music of the Marianas Association (MMA)
  • American Red Cross
  • Ayuda Network, Inc. (ANI)
  • Carolinian Affairs Office (CAO)
  • Frances Sablan
  • CNMI Youth Empowerment Alliance for Health (YEAH)

Local Advisory Council Members

  • Tinian: Mrs. Arley Long
  • Rota: Ms. Aubry Hocog
  • Saipan: Mr. Isidoro Cabrera; Mr. James Montenegro; Mrs. Amanda Diaz
  • Youth Representative: Ms. Ryana Espartero Diaz – Tinian High School