About 4-H

Become a 4-H Volunteer today!

4-H Volunteers play a big role in keeping our program running. As a volunteer, you will be able to participate in the various programs we may have planned throughout the year.

For more information on counselor benefits click here. 


You MUST be 16 years or older to be a volunteer. 

How to apply:

Simply click the link provided and it will bring you to our online application!

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2018-2019 4-H Marianas Council Members

2017-2018 4-H Marianas Council Members

  • Service Learning Hours: Through 4-H Marianas, you will be able to collect service learning hours that will go towards your high school graduation requirement. Any event and activity conducted under 4-H Marianas will be an opportunity for you to collect hours.  
  • Training and Workshops: 4-H Marianas partners with different agencies to have counselors certified and prepared in a variety of fields such as:
    • CPR & First Aid Certification  
    • Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Certification  
    • Career Preparations  
    • College Preparations 


Yearly Awards: ​4-H Marianas will also be giving out awards to numerous 4-H Counselors who are graduating high school and college students. Other awards will also be available to the overall 4-H Counselors.

  • 4-H Service Pin
    • Given to graduating 4-H counselors that have completed 300 or more hours. 
  • 4-H Sashes 
    • Given to all graduating 4-H counselors as an incentive for joining 4-H Marianas. 

About Us

4-H Marianas' goal is to educate our the youth in as many fields as possible. We have a variety activities that will encourage our youth members to learn about new things. At 4-H Marianas we teach the youth members of the importance of our island's culture, and what it has to provide. With our partners we hope to provide the youth members with a wide range of lessons for them to learn about agriculture, aquaculture, science, recycling, food, and nutrition, and many other things.

4-H Goals

  • GOAL #1: 4-H Marianas will increase its financial status from $1,091.25 to at least $3,000 by August 31, 2019.
    • Strategy #1: Create a fundraising schedule for the year
      • Activity #1: Actively advertise 4-H fundraisers to the public via social media
    • Strategy #2: Build relationships and partnerships with internal and external organizations
      • Activity #1: Solicit for monetary donations to go towards 4-H programming and events.
    • Strategy #3: Collaborate with other youth organizations to create youth events.
      • Activity #1: Work with the Youth Empowerment Alliance for Health (YEAH) to establish a physical activity event in celebration of Youth Leadership Empowerment month.
      • Activity #2: Partner with youth organizations to create a benefit concert that would fundraise for youth-led non-profit organizations.
  • GOAL #2: 4-H Marianas will increase its registered members from 73 to 250 by August 31, 2019.
    • Strategy #1: To establish 4-H clubs within the schools.
      • Activity #1: Participate in school club fairs.
      • Activity #2: Conduct “What is 4-H?” info sessions.
      • Activity #3: Charter as a 4-H School Club (i.e. 4-H Dolphins…)
    • Strategy #2: Create marketing materials to advertise 4-H Marianas
      • Activity #1: Create a 4-H Commercial to advertise at the movie theaters, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
      • Activity #2: Participate in radio interviews and create press releases via newsletters.
      • Strategy #3: To establish and participate in workshops and events for 4-H Marianas club members
      • Activity #1: Join community event committees (i.e. flame tree, taste of marianas, nutrition committee, etc.)
      • Activity #2: Create a calendar of workshops
  • GOAL #3: 4-H Marianas will create and conduct activities that help youth members build professional and leadership skills by August 31, 2019.
    • Strategy #1: Provide opportunities to 4-H Marianas members that will build their leadership skills.
      • Activity #1: Invite guest speakers to 4-H meetings.
      • Activity #2: Conduct leadership trainings (i.e. public speaking, communication, leadership basics, etc.)
      • Activity #3: Host an annual 4-H Marianas Conference to learn from each other and build inter-island connections.
    • Strategy #2: Create workshops for all youth members of the Marianas that will build professionalism.
      • Activity #1: Partner with organizations to create a career readiness series for high school students.
      • Activity #2: Partner with organizations to create and host a college prep seminar for high school students.
      • Activity #3: Organize general skill building seminars for all youth members of the Marianas (i.e. mental health, self defense, etc.)