Beyond the Classroom: Practicing Mindfulness

Learn a little more about what it means to be mindful. Ms. Laura Kyonka and Ms. Patricia H. Aguon will lead us as we practice a couple of easy mindfulness techniques together


Laura Kyonka (Presenter)

Laura is a graduate of Kagman High School and pursued her Bachelors degree in Communications and Masters in Couples & Family Therapy. She is licensed to do counseling in the state of Oregon and here in the CNMI. She has previously worked as a school counselor and an individual and family therapist. She currently works for PSS as a Mental Health Specialist. Laura enjoys practicing mindful minutes, making mwars, and taking panoramic pictures for self-care.


Patricia H. Aguon (Presenter)

Ms. Aguon graduated from Tinian Jr. Sr. High School and earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Oregon State University. She currently works as the TJSHS School Counselor and has also served TJSHS as a teacher, Student Council and Youth Advisory Panel Advisor, and National Honor & Jr. Honor Society Faculty Council. Ms. Aguon is also a volunteer with the nonprofit organization, Team Koka and is the Tinian representative to the 4-H Marianas Board of Directors. She enjoys baking desserts, solving sudoku puzzles, and family-night movies for self-care.


​​Danielle Acosta (Host)

Danielle is currently a student at Northern Marianas College, majoring in Business: Computer Application. She’s been a member of 4-H Marianas for 2 years. Her love and passion towards the youth community encourages her to do the best for others and volunteer within her community. She is currently the President of the 4-H Marianas Youth Council and 4-H Saipan Club.


When: Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Location: Via Zoom